About SPT

Welcome to Sports Performance & Technology!

We’re an online magazine that aims to provide the most accurate and relevant research on fitness gear and accessories.


There’s too much noise and false information in the fitness industry these days.

Sponsored athletes, paid researchers, product placements, millions of dollars spent on advertising… Way too often the only objective is to sell.

We want to fix that.

I mean, we can’t change that attitude. But we can help people make decisions.

We can provide data and evidence, instead of slogans and marketing, for people to make informed decisions on things that do matter.

After all, it’s our health and well-being that’s at stake.


By providing information that is:

  • research-backed
  • expert-approved
  • athlete-proven

For most of our content, we first contact and interview hundreds of coaches, experts and athletes from a given category to learn first-hand from their experiences and knowledge.

Then, we analyze it thoroughly, brainstorm, discuss and draw conclusions.

Finally, we create reviews, ‘best of’ articles and guides, and other content that is easy and fun to consume for you.

Who are we?

Currently, our key editing team is quite an interesting mix of: a full-time CrossFit & swimming coach, a half pro-runner and half copywriter, a statistics PhD student, a data-scientist and an ex-hedge fund manager, now a fitness personal trainer.

Most importantly though, we are all athletes.

We live and breathe sports.

Different kinds of sports really… running (up to 60 miles ultramarathons), OCR (Tough Mudder, Spartan Race), triathlons (including Ironman), CrossFit, weightlifting, bodybuilding, MMA training, cycling, swimming, various fitness classes…

Plus, we have a growing community of athletes that help us (we invite you to join us – just shoot us an email).

How to start?

We’re still in the process of gathering data and compiling the best fitness gear reports possible so please don’t be discouraged by limited amount of content currently available.

For starters, I recommend you have a look at our Best Training Shoes page and see if you can find something for you there.

Enjoy and stay stuned for more!


Lead Editor