NOBULL Trainers Review

NOBULL Trainer is a highly functional cross training shoe with the signature SuperFabric upper. A seamless, one piece overlay gives a minimalistic yet stylish appeal vastly different from what Reebok and Nike has to offer.

What’s important, the SuperFabric material is strong enough to withstand the stress during intense workout sessions and can even keep out glass shards, barbed wires, and other sharp objects, making them convenient for wearing both inside and outside of the gym.

NOBULL Trainers – key features


The fabric layer is super comfortable and breathable. They are also dirt resistant and therefore do not soak up dust and dirt easily. The inner lining is water resistant. Therefore, you can easily wash them with water and they dry up in no time. Since the upper portion is entirely fabric, the shoes are very lightweight too.

The shoes have a very practical shape with more room in the toe box. Hence, despite the close fit, the shoes do not get too constraining. However, due to the minimal design, they do not have sufficient arch support and depending on your feet type, you may require orthotics for the support.

NOBULL Trainers Review - durable upper


The soles of NOBULL Trainers are very dense making them exceptionally great for weightlifting. Even under a high stress, they offer a very stable and balanced platform. As a consequence, they may not offer much flexibility when it comes to quick and dynamic movements.

Although they are designed for multipurpose use, both inside and outside the gym, they are more efficient for barbell workouts as compared to running or double-unders for example.

The sturdy sole, with a lug pattern on the outsole offer superior support, flexibility and traction. This gives a good grip when you are performing exercises that apply greater strain on the sole, like cycling the barbell or rope climbing.

NOBULL Trainers - good grip

What we like about NOBULL Trainers

The NOBULL is exceptionally durable with minimum wear and tear even after being regularly used for prolonged working hours. It is not only the sole design but also the SuperFabric upper that makes it highly functional during workouts.

After our review, we liked the fact that NOBULL Trainers perform not only indoors but also outdoors. The soles have superior traction and you will face no problem even if you are walking over slippery wet surfaces like concrete and rocks. There is a water proof layer below the upper fabric which means that you can walk in rain and still have your feet completely dry.

We love their super stylish appeal that will help you stand out in a crowd. Rather than prints and colors, the design centers on minimalistic appeal, with solid colors and well-designed angles.

The upper layer is absolutely seamless. This gives it a very smooth texture unlike other trainer and the fabric feels almost like a mix of canvas and basketball shoes. While the fabric is very comfortable, they are also very tough. You could wear them over mud, rocks and even in water.

What we don’t like…

Honestly, the NOBULL Trainers do not have any major downsides when it comes to the functionality.

Things that you may not like about the shoes are its fit, the conspicuous logo or the design itself but that’s highly subjective.

Since it has a completely seamless fabric cover, people with larger feet may find themselves slipping over to the side of the sole but we have not experienced it.

Our NOBULL Trainers Review score: 8.4 / 10

The NOBULL trainers are pretty versatile. You could wear them while exercising in the gym or when you are out for trekking.

These are one of the most comfortable of all cross training shoes we tested. If you are subject to a rough use of shoes on a regular basis, these might be the ultimate ones for you.

While in the same price range as Nike Metcon 4 and Reebok Nano 8, NOBULL Trainers offer a similar, if not greater, functionality so definitely worth the attention.

A strong thumbs-up from us.

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NOBULL Trainers in action


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