Adidas AdiPower Review

Adidas AdiPower Review

Adidas AdiPower is one of the most popular models when it comes to lifting shoes. Outstanding support, excellent grip and solid construction are the three key features that we noticed in our review process.

Let’s have a closer look at it to decide whether this shoe is the right fit for you.


As for the weight, I would say it’s okay. Maybe even slightly on the “lighter shoe” side but not that much to notice really.

The weight of this shoe is around 16.2 oz. When you compare it with Nike Romaleos 3s, which is yet another popular model in the weightlifting shoes category, you will get to know that the Adipower is slightly heavier. On the other hand, it is lighter than Reebok Legacy Lifters, another key competitor.

In general, one of the key benefits associated with weightlifting shoes is the raised heel. In this area, Adidas Adipower comes with a height of 20.1 millimeters or 0.75 inches which is enough to ensure better mobility without shifting your posture.

The details matter

Adidas has released many other weightlifting shoe models, with PowerLift being the most notable one. Looking at the shoe features, AdiPower wins this internal battle.

For instance, Adidas has utilized a PU Coated rubber in the Adipower models to make sure that the users will experience better ventilation, flexibility, and durability.

Furthermore, to make sure that the users will get better stability, the company has used weight-lifting-engineered chassis with a strong TPU heel.

Similarly, when it comes to AdiPower vs PowerLift, Adidas has decreased the strap count in the former from three in other models to one similar to that of the latter.

adidas AdiPower price

In terms of price, you can find Adidas Adipower available at the cost of around $159 these days. That is very close to the price of Nike Romaleos 3 and cheaper than Reebok Legacy Lifters.

The price may differ according to the color you choose and available sizing. Unless there’s an active sale on adidas website, I recommend you look for better prices at Amazon.

Our adidas AdiPower Review Score: 9.1/10

It is true that Adidas Adipower is an older model on the market. But, they are still widely accepted and used by strength athletes around the world.

The reason why users love it is the excellent set of features. Those looking for long-lasting shoes will surely find this pair beneficial as the TPU heel ensures durability and lightweight.

All in all, it’s still one of the best weightlifting shoes available on the market.

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