Nike Metcon 3 Review

Nike Metcon 3 – can they beat Nano?

After a long wait, the Nike Metcon 3 is finally out with a blast. It comes in a unique signature style designed mainly for CrossFit training and is available in a number of attractive colors. It incorporates a number of advanced features and… looks great!

The Nike Metcon 3 has two parallel versions, designed exclusively for both men and women. Not very long since the release and it has already been the select choice of many top athletes like Sara Sigmundsdottir or Matt Fraser. Just joking – we all know they are sponsored by Nike. On the other hand, they are top athletes so wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t good, right?

So… what’s new?

The Nike Metcon 3 has kept intact many of the features of the earlier Metcon series while adding a few more for an overall upgraded performance.

The shoes have a firm rubber heel for better grip, low profile heel clips and an exclusive Flywire technology. It also has an additional drop in the midsole which allows maximum stability and flexibility in the forefoot area. The design is centered on a close and comfortable lockdown fit and a highly dependable flat platform foundation.

This makes the Nike Metcon 3 perfect for all kinds of Crossfit exercises like sprints, rope climbs, wall balls, box jumps and distance runs. Weightlifting also feels good in them.

The shoes provide great traction on all types of surfaces from gym floors to tracks to training grounds. It is perfectly capable of taking all levels of stress and evenly distributing it over the entire sole area so that you do not suffer any discomfort or injury during the course of training.

Let’s a have a more detailed view into the product features and a sum up of the athletes’ feedback.

What’s to like

  1. Stability

Unlike the earlier Metcon series, Metcon 3 has a lowered TPU plastic heel which gives a stable foundation and a better lock so that you have a solid foundation for powering your lifts. The flat platform and the firm rubber heels further ensure that you do not experience any slippages in between your weightlifting sessions.

  1. Cushioning

The drop in the midsole offers a soft and flexible cushioning in the forefoot region. This becomes highly advantageous during the quick, reflexive responses while carrying out exercises such as box jumps and bar facing burpees.

The mid foot area is strengthened with an abrasion resistant film, which protects the foot from friction and heat during the intense training sessions. This also makes sure that shoes provide a firm support and grip on all types of flooring.

  1. Lightweight and durable

The shoes are entirely made out of lightweight and durable synthetic and mesh and rubber soles. This greatly reduces the weight of the shoes, thus making them extremely comfortable for everything from flexibility works to sprints and climbs to heavy lifting.

Furthermore, the Flywire mid foot technology with dual density foam does the perfect job of locking the foot in place so that you experience zero slips.

The Nike Metcon 3 has been designed with embroidered reinforcements on the areas that are subjected to high stress. This makes the shoes tough enough to withstand wear and tear after continuous use during the highly physical training sessions.

Unlike most other training shoes, the Nike Metcon 3 has an upgraded mid sole region, which is interlocked with a web-like structure. This offers additional flexibility and grip during activities such as rope climbing.

What’s not to like

The Nike Metcon 3 is perfect in all respects except for a few minor drawbacks here and there. The design is great for a comfortable training session. However, they may look a bit narrow while wearing. Some customers have also reported of the color being rubbed off sooner than expected.


Reebok Nano 7

The Reebok Crossfit shoes are more suitable for workouts that require a better ankle support and stability, for example, walking lunges and overhead squats. Metcon 3, on the other hand, is more favorable for high impact workouts such as double-unders, box jumps, and sprints. In a comparison of Nano 7 vs Metcon 3, we think Metcon 3 emerges the winner by a small degree.

Inov-8 F-Lite 235 v2

The Inov-8 F-Lite has an incredibly minimalist and comfortable design. It is also very light, thus making it perfect for cross training and CrossFit. They also have more cushioning, making them perfect for running.

However, when it comes to durability, it certainly does not last as long as the Metcon 3. The F-Lite reportedly starts ripping off at the heel seams and the big toe.


When it comes to style, the Metcon 3 is unlike any other training shoes. It comes in a wide color option ranging from black, white and gray to the very striking bright neons.

The shoes have minimal yet sharp and clean lines that give it an iconic appeal. Then there is the triangular line in the midfoot region, which gives a dynamic look to the Metcon 3. Some variations of the color are even luminous in the dark.

The shoes are made out of synthetic and mesh, thus offering a lightweight comfort and extra flexibility for high impact workouts. They also protect the feet against heat and friction, thus making them one of the top CrossFit shoes.

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