Nike Metcon 4 Review

OUR VERDICT: The best CrossFit shoes for advanced athletes.

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2018 came in, Nike released their latest shoe in the Metcon line, the Nike Metcon 4. Priced at $130, does it have what it takes to beat its competitors? Where does it line up in our best CrossFit shoes ranking?

As a cross-training and primarily CrossFit shoe, fitness buffs have a lot to love about the new Nike Metcon 4. Even Nike athletes Matt Fraser and Sara Sigmundsdottir use the 4s, commending its durability, performance, and comfort.

The looks of Nike Metcon 4

Looking at the shoes, you can see the star-like shapes on the outsole. This is what Nike calls the Haptic Technology. Even though it uses a lighter fabric compared to its predecessor, the Nike Metcon 3, it promises better durability. And from what we’ve tested, delivers it as well.

The Nike Metcon 4’s soles are of course made of rubber. The rubber area extends up to the shoe’s side to deliver improved stability and protection for WODs including rope climbs.

When it comes to the looks of the shoes, the Nike Metcon 4 look splendid. It’s subjective but we actually believe it is one of the better looking cross-training shoes available. It comes in a lot of different colorway variants also.

Nike Metcon 4 CrossFit

Nike Metcon 4 vs Metcon 3

Compared to the Metcon 3, Nike provided the Metcon 4 with only slight changes over it’s predecessor.

One is lighter materials used both in the upper and outsole that make the shoe feel more dynamic on the feet. The other is the Haptic Technology which we already mentioned.

All in all, the Metcon 4 is an upgrade over the Metcon 3, though not a significant one.

The good

Nike Metcon 4 certainly deserves a lot of praise.

Key feature we love is the forefoot cushioning. It is the first shoes to use cushioning on top of the foot which hugs the foot better and provides comfort.

The Metcon 4 used light materials, which can be a drawback in terms of durability, but, Nike used the haptic technology to compensate for it so that crossfitters can get a light yet still durable pair of kicks.

Metcons 4 also have an extra eyelet so the fit can be adjusted to the customer’s preferences.

The not-so-good

While the product is very good, it does have its quirks.

The Metcon 4 uses the same removable midsoles like the previous Metcon iterations, to the disappointment of its users, as the midsole squeaks during use and can be a distraction for some people.

We’ve heard some people having issues with Metcon 4 breathability but from our experience the new lighter and thinner fabric solved the problem.


Nike Metcon 3

No doubt, the Metcon 4 is an awesome pair of crossfit shoes. It has great value for money at $130, but for those who have a limited budget, they can also look at the Metcon 3.

It is a great option as it offers almost as much as the 4s at an even lower price, though with some slight drawbacks like heavier weight and the absence of the forefoot cushioning.

Reebok Nano 6

An even better choice for those on a limited budget is the Reebok Crossfit Nano 6, which is now priced at $79.99, down from its original price of $129. Released a year earlier, its performance slightly trails the Metcon 4’s.

But for the price, these very small weaknesses should be ignored.

Nobull Trainers

Another alternative they can consider is the NOBULL Trainer, priced at $129, which performs almost as good as the Nike Metcon 4.

Nike Metcon 4 Price

Our Nike Metcon 4 Review Score: 8.8/10

All in all, the Metcon 4 doesn’t disappoint as the latest shoe of the Metcon series. With its performance, build quality, and price at $129, fitness enthusiasts will definitely find the Metcon 4 as value for its price. May it be rope climbs, weightlifting, double-unders, or any other WOD, the Metcon 4 can do the trick.

The new Nike Metcon 4s are an ideal pair of CrossFit shoes for fitness buffs who are not necessarily on a tight budget but are simply looking for a great training shoe.

We recommend it for fans of the previous iterations in the Metcon line, as the 4s carry everything that made the line a favorite for Crossfit enthusiasts, while adding more to justify why it is worth buying at approx. $129.

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