Reebok Legacy Lifter Review

Our first impression after putting on the Reebok Legacy Lifters – wow, they look and feel great of feet.

But don’t be deceived by outward appearances. As we learned during our testing and review process, their true value lies on usefulness, durability, and comfort that will fit into the extreme demands of the sport of weightlifting.

We will look at the Reebok Legacy Lifter to provide a guide for weightlifting and fitness enthusiasts.

Our featured pair of shoes is made of synthetic, imported materials. It has stability straps that offer upper and lateral support for feet. It has non-compressive hells and high abrasion rubber sole.

Made for Weightlifting

Unlike, previous Reebok lifting shoes, this model is definitely fitted for everyone, not just for CrossFitters.

CrossFit workouts are composed of highly intense activities and based on functional movements. The goal is for the participants to move the largest load, at the longest possible distance in the shortest possible time. It has become popular with fitness experts and is the brainchild of Greg Glassman.

Reebok has been a footwear and apparel partner of CrossFit for long time now and most of the shoes they released have been designed with that activity in mind.

This has changed now.

Users of these lifting shoes agree with its makers, saying that these shoes perfectly match the demands of weightlifting.

Are these the best weightlifting shoes though? We’ll find out.

CJ approved

It’s evident that during the planning and construction of the Legacy, the engineers intended that they can be used in Olympic lifting competitions.

Do you know CJ Cummings, the USA weightlifter champion? This is the guy they collaborated with in the making of these shoes.

Here are our key observations:

  • The heels are made from thermoplastic polyurethane, which is a hard and sturdy material.
  • The heels are lightweight. They may be made from high quality materials, but you shouldn’t pound on it. They are non-compressible and will always bounce back to the original shape.
  • The shoes weigh 20.6 ounces. If you are trying to do a Reebok Legacy Lifter vs Nike Romaleo 3 apple-to-apple, this is a difference to take note of. Meaning, Legacy is a few ounces heavier. The same can be said comparing Legacy to other popular weightlifting shoes.

A little heavy though

While you may not mind having a few more ounces with these shoes, the extra ounces will require your feet slightly more time to adjust during your clean and jerks or snatches.

But, its weight is also beneficial, especially for those who perform squats with moderate to heavy loads. The shoes’ weight will help users ensure that they stay firmly connected to the floor. That’s critical for obtaining a solid performance.

Great support

The quality straps have been designed to offer safety for injury-free workout sessions. These shoes sport 2-foot straps.

The stability straps offer maximum lateral support as they are positioned to support the most vulnerable parts of the feet.

One of the two goes across the upper middle part of the foot, and the other is put above the foot’s balls. That latter strap supports snug fit hold, but the entire setup still allows for maximal toe-off.

If you use only one-strap shoes, you can also get the right fit, but you may have worries about that strap breaking apart during explosive powerlifting shots.


This high-quality weightlifting shoes have their benefits, including:

  • First, with the shoes’ compression resistant heels, you can have a solid base you need for more challenging lifts.
  • You will feel more stable or upright during your squats and snatches. Users say they feel very confident using these lifting or squat shoes. Many of them just would like to avoid injuries or losing their current fitness level.
  • Because of the dual strap design, your feet will stay in place no matter how you much you move. There will be minimal feet sliding inside these without constricting blood flow and normal feet movement.


Reebok Legacy Lifter is the first model that is made by Reebok specifically for weightlifting.

Aesthetically, the shoes look simple and plain. But when you look further, you’ll see that so much focus was made to ensure this pair of shoes have excellent features in terms of strength, reliability and safety for users engaged in dangerous sports.

Actual users attest that while the shoes may be a bit heavier than others, they are assured that are safe and they won’t lose their balance when they are doing the hardest lifts.

The shoes are made specifically for people who do intense weight training and they delivered. This Legacy shoes provide a great fit, ample support, excellent cushioning, and optimum comfort.

A thumbs-up!

You can order it on Amazon: Reebok Legacy Lifter

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